Thursday, 27 September 2007

This turn into

This ..... so, who is making violent.

I would like to apologise to everyone for last 2 hrs, i was too tired and i just can't bring myself still awake, I have 2 hrs sleep every night for 8 fays, sorry that i missed many phone calls and i missed some news, but now i am back online.


Mikkel said...

Dear Ko Htike!

Thanks for your posts.

We pray for the people of Burma and admire their bravery!

Best wishes from Denmark!

Unknown said...

Ko Htike, Take care yourself. We love u and u are the correct source of latest news.


Multesimus said...

Dear Ko Htike, I'm getting tears in my eyes, looking at the brave Burmese, enduring beatings, getting shot at and other violence, for democracy.... I'm not a religious man, but you can say I'm praying for you. Hold on! When you, or some other Burmese bloggers need webspace (at a server stationed in a datacenter) I'll be happy to provide some.

LeneD said...

Hello Ko Htiker
We wish all the best for you and the Burmese people, go on !! We corss our fingers for you and hope for a good result.
Many wishes from Denmark

Unknown said...

ko htike; thanks a lot. really i am feeling so sad today. so sad. and so sad......

Kira said...

All the best to the people of Burma.

Our thoughts are with you.

The Cat Realm said...

What can we do to help???
If you have links to organizations gathering signatures, organizing protests, anything - could you please post it?
From the US, Karl

FootballIntel said...

Ko Htike,

I just wanted to wish you all well and give my support to the people of Burma.

I also wanted to say that no matter how bad things get and what terrible things they might do to you, keep going. You are fighting for a higher cause and it is worth the sacrifice.

Terrible things may happen and your resolve may waver but if you and Burma hold firm this will one day be looked upon as a great time for your country and people.

Stay strong and the will of the righteousness will prevail.

Frau Seltsam said...

dear Ko htike,

the german bloggers are spreading the word.

please tell us what else we can do.

Little vocie from Burma said...

Hi Ko Htike

Little vocie from Burma said...

Hi Ko Htike,
I understand that it is not easy for you to report the situation inside continuously.

I just want to inform you that the photos & news posted in your website are a great help for the country as they can prove the world about current situations. Keep on fighting for our country.

Unknown said...

You are my hero. I am thrilled by your hard work on this protest. You are the bridge to people overseas! I want to thank you for all the information. Like you, I stayed up late last night being angry even though I had a test to study for. So I looked at chatboxes and other burmese websites to get the latest update. I even contacted local newspaper encouraging them to keep this new as the "headline" . Thanks a lot and take care!


Thaw Zin Soe

zenofjazz said...

Ko Htike, God Bless You! Keep up the good work... You are helping to change the world, and we are behind you 100%!!
(article about you!)

frank said...

We pray for the people of Burma.

Frank From ITALY

Unknown said...

Ko Htike,

Great site for info! We are all grateful for your dedication in showing the world what is really happening in our beloved country. It troubles me greatly to see the beating and indisciminate killing of our innocent peacful countryman. EVERYONE must understand that change will only come from within not from anywhere else. What has UN, NATO, US, and/or EU done to help the cause of the average burmese people? My point exactly! The time is NOW to stand up and fight for the future of our children. The way to peace is through courage and the will to fight for what we believe. NO more talk, it's time for ACTION.

Helz Cuppleditch said...

Thank you for your posts Ko Htike, so many of us are following the events with sad hearts.

May peace and wisdom light the way to a better future for Burma and her people.

sar sa na said...

you are the man ko htike!
you are doing a aterrific work. keep on doing what you doing. you know how deadly important your work is. pls do also sleep. i pray all are well during this terrible time and tragedy.

Shoshanna said...

My heart goes out to you. We are going to stand in protest in front of the Burmese and Chinese Embassies in Washington, DC on Friday 9/28 at 4:00 PM.
In peace,

Carrotman said...

Hi Ko Htike.

Just want to say (like all other people who respond to your blog) that I feel very sorry for all people in Burma and that I really really hope that the dictators of the "government"(and ofcourse those b*stards from the army) finally will see that their terror-regime will be over.
Power to the people, keep on fighting like you all do at the moment. It's a shame that the rest of the world only watches to the brutal things that our happening every day in your country, but that's the way our egocentric governments are thinking at the moment. If there was oil in Burma, the Americans probably would've sent their troops to Rangoon...
Keep the faith. At the end of it, justice will be done for all the brave people in your beautiful country.

giantleap said...

Ko Htike-

The monks and people of Burma are following in the peaceful, powerful and beautiful steps of Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and Mandela.

The truth is getting out to the world thanks to you and others like you.

Strength to all involved in this courageous campaign.

Peace from Los Angeles

Unknown said...

Dear Ho Htike,

Thank you and good luck.
The word is being spread here in Toronto.

- Rian

Unknown said...

Ko Htike,

I have today found your blog and I want to thank you for all your posts, keep writing and don't give up!

I pray for you all.

Ruben said...

Thank you for the posts!

Best wishes form Germany


Frankie said...

Ko Htike, you are such a brave person for doing this. However, I think all of these people reading this blog really need to stop just saying "I'm praying for you" and start doing something about it. Lots of us are way luckier than Ko Htike in that we live in countries where we can DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. Write to your MP, or senator or whatever, join protests, but whatever you do, speak out against what's happening here. Help these people.

David R. Jones said...

Dear Ko Htike,

I am setting up an RSS feed to run your posts on my sidebar. Thank you for letting us on the outside know the terror that is happening. The World is hearing you.

Peace and blessings to you, brother/sister, and stay safe.


simplizist said...

Dear Ko Htike,

you are doing such a great job telling the world, what really goes on in your country. God bless you and all other brave burmese people, who fight for democracy. the only thing worth fighting for.

spreading the word in germany.
our thoughts with you.

Cat said...

Thank you for your posts and my thoughts and prayers are with your people.

Does anyone know of any protests in front of the Washington, DC embassies this weekend? I live close to DC, but I can't go to the one on Friday.

David R. Jones said...

Correction: I put your feed as a "featured" post on my main page. Folks will then see it and be able to find your site.

FYI: As for demonstrations/protests: There have been a few demonstrations in Downtown Portland, Oregon (Broadway)in support of the people of Burma. With bloggers/journalists like Ko Htike, there seems to be growing support around the world. Stay strong.


Danny Myint said...

Is the the Japanese journalist that was killed?

Unknown said...

People all over the world are praying for Burma. Here in Seattle, Washington USA all sorts of people are planning on holding prayer vigils at local Buddhist Temples.

Perhaps tomorrow at noon (Rangoon time) everyone could simply stop and go outside from their homes and office for silent prayer of peace. It would be a mass demonstration but not in one place so the police and military would be unable to stop it.

Unknown said...

dear people,

i'd love to share my belief that this boundless outbreak of oppression is a sign of the mightbroker's fear of losing their might.
they are right, for that is what will happen. their days are counted. you don't even have to win this battle.
we are too many people unwilling to oppress anyone and unwilling to be oppressed.

witness in europe, with love

rosebabe1118 said...

Please be safe and careful. Thank for ur update.. My toughts and prayers are will you and our burmese people.

m.evo said...

i really thank you for these photos and information, because my friends are in yangon.
I'm praying for the success of us, citizens.
And we should try not to let any foreign people get hurt, because one japanese man died...
Thank you brother,
Pyay Phyo,
Tokyo, Japan

bluelammy said...

Dear Ko Htike,thanks for your brave posts.Remember you are not alone,Im thinking of you continualy and just wish i could do more to help.My family and i are praying for a peaceful solution to your nations problems,take care of yourself and let your friends know you are not fighing this alone.You are a brave person and I know the people of liverpool,merseyside are totaly behind you.Lok after yourself love from bluelammy

harmonia said...

All love from Italy for you and your country.
Tomorrow we Italians will put on a red shirt to express our support and sympathy for the people of Burma.
What can we do to help you?
My best wishes from Venezia.

GeorgeK said...

Bless you Ko htike, we are all with you and pray for you and all the Burmese fighting your unjust and brutal government. I wish there was more we could do, I wish our governments would do more, I wish the Chinese government would do what is right and help the Burmese people to have the freedom and peace that they deserve. 45 years of terror is more than enough, the Junta must go

Michael said...

Thank you for your bravery! Keep the channels open and post what you can! Freedom shall prevail

Emily Martins said...

Dar Ko Htike

Thank you for your hard work. You are saving the lives of thousands of most courageous people in the world. I am exetremely proud to be a Burmese. Take good care of yourself.

Alice AN said...

Dear Ko Htike!

Thank-you for blogging about this and bringing the plight of the people pf Burma to the online world's attention.

Pictures say more than a thousand words and you have chronicled the events expertly, sleep depraved and tired as you are.


My heart goes out to all your co-patriots on the streets. The struggle against tyranny never seems to end.

Sindre Holme said...

Dear Ko Htike!
Thank you for your information. You're a doing a important job. May things turn out good in the end.

Best wishes to the brave people of Burma from Norway

Fabien said...

ko htike you should try to get some rest, god bless and we are with you in spirit!
Best wishes from London

voltaire said...

For those reading Ko htike's courageous blog and who are wondering what action they could take, there is a petition with 140,000 signatures already in support of the Burmese people.
You can sign it at
It will be handed to the UN next week.

Thank you again for the precious information you are giving us all Ko htike

Pacific moderate said...

You are not alone!

- An admirer in America

Pacific moderate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Praxilla said...

Dear Ko Htike,

I wish you and the Burmese people all the best. You have my love and support. I find what you are doing the most courageous and important of fight for personal freedom. I just hope our government and others step up to help your battle. Take care of yourself.

Your blog is such an important feed of information, what you are doing is making history.

we love you!


Diane Silver said...

Thank you for keeping the world informed. Kansas is praying for you! You are so incredibly brave.

Best wishes and hopes for the future from the people at the heart of the USA.

Unknown said...

Best Wishes From Louisville,Kentucky, USA!

iamkatia said...

om mani padme hum


Shadow's Mom said...

Thank you for your courage and strength to ensure that the world knows what is happening in Burma. I pray that the fight for a free society in Burma will be successful in the end and that the cost is worth the gain. Know that the world is hearing you. This is NOT a hidden horror.

May a tranquil society be born of the strength and sacrifice of the Burmese people!

cocopipit said...

Hi Ko Htike,

all the best to you and the people of Burma

Best Wishes from France


Tsu Dho Nimh said...

Your photos show Kenji Nagai alive, facing the soldier, and then lying in the street as the soldier walks away.

I've used the photos in a news story for an American website that gets high circulation. I'll post a link to the story as soon as they publish it.

Leslie said...

Ko Hitke, thank you for publishing these photos. I am praying for you and the people of Burma.

bekibunny said...

Ko Htike, please be safe. thank you for continuing to post, and letting the world know what is going on.
Please let us know if there is anything we as ordinary people can do to help: I am so ashamed our leaders are standing by and watching this happen to your people.
You are in our thoughts. Stay strong, stay safe.

Best wishes from British Columbia Canada!

Unknown said...

news flash.....
"For the first time yesterday, China publicly called for restraint in Burma but Edward McMillan-Scott, the vice president of the European Parliament, said European Union countries should boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics unless China intervenes in Burma."

The biggest news to it the Puppet Masters. China will never let anything/anyone ruin their "COMING OUT PARTY"! China is the only country that can influence and/or command the Military Regime.

WE CAN NOT STOP NOW. Each day of protest is a day closer to reform! Please encourage everyone to keep the fight alive.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wwanda said...

For those of you asking for something YOU can do...

Sign the online security council petition

And there's details atthe bottom of the page for more action ideas for citizens, activists, educators, media etc, anyone interested in advocacy activities on behalf of Burma’s people.

Tsu Dho Nimh said...

I'm afraid I got his name backwards in the story, but I had never heard it in Japanese.

Nikki said...

We're keeping you all in our thoughts. And we admire your strength and bravery in the face of chaos.

Ko Htike, please be safe, and take care of yourself.

ISAIAS said...

Hallo Ko Htike,
your people must happy your job. please update your information and image.

Take care htike, Jakarta used your work.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ko Htike

Never lose hope and keep faith we the world are all watching the repressive regime violently taking on it's own people. They shall fall if the military men realize that these are their children.
Sean Mcd & Lori Mcd

Mike said...

Thank you for everything you are doing Ko Htike. You are truly a wonderful human being.

thar said...

Hello Ko Htike,

I can't imagine how brave you are. I really appreciate and pray for your hard working for freedom of Burma toward democracy.Your endeavor is valuable for the Burmese people and nobody can't tell the how much it worth. Please do it very careful for your any movement inch by inch.

I wish you to achieve your goal and country's goal for democracy. Do it the way you believe until success.

Thar Dhu
Canada September 28, 2007

Christopher said...

Dear Ko Htike,
I am a tour leader and have been to your beautiful country many times. I have visited 48 countries, and I believe that the Burmese are the most wonderful, honest, hospitable and -as it seems- brave people I have met, and they definitely deserve a better future! I'm glad that the western countries have decided to pay some attention to what is happening! I hope the best for all the Burmese people, and thank you for everything you're doing!

Best wishes,
Christopher from Athens

beckerfm said...

Keep it up, dear KH!

in HONG KONG tonight
Friday Sept. 28
at 7:30 p.m.
Chater Garden, Central

organized by
Asian Human Rights Commission
to support the people of Burma
at this critical time

Reaching out from across the e-miles


Anonymous said...

Let us hope God is looking down on this slaughter. For 45 years the people of Burma have put up with this evil with their Rights suppressed through fear. All over the world your story is being watched and we see what you are going through. Such courage from the Burmese people in the face of death. I just want to send support to the Monks and the ordinary people for their unbelievabele courage and you will defeat this Junta. No Dictatorship survives without support let us hope the army see this and support their people. Keep up the Demonstrations if possible all over the world we are totally emotional about this situation as you see on TV people dying for their rights there is no greater sacrifice, and we stand in awe. You are making the top headlines all over the World and we in Ireland as well as countries all over the world are supporting you in the strongest possible way please defeat this evil and you will, because all evil is defeated eventually.

Rita Ireland

Anonymous said...

I hope that there is a God watching down on this slaughter and that this Junta is defeated by the force of people power. Please keep up the Demonstrations if possible as is will be the force and courage of the people of Burma who will defeat this evil which you have lived with for the last 45 years. I am writing from Ireland and your story of courage is making headline news worldwide. No Government stays in power without support and as they are ruling by fear, take courage and they will be defeated. PLEASE TAKE COURAGE FROM THE SUPPORT WHICH IS 100% WORLDWIDE AND WE ARE ALL THINKING OF YOU HERE IN IRELAND

Rita Ireland

Unknown said...

we are following the story from Mongolia... with hope for the people.

ophira said...

dear ko htike,
just to let you know that we are all watching, watching an praying that for once goodness wins and evil succumbs to nothing. we all pray that the model of mobilized non-violent people will be successful and serve as a model for so many other oppressed beings around the world. we all pray that those who hold the guns and power realize their vain aspirations and resort to human empathy.
may all beings be happy. may all beings be blissful. may all beings be peaceful.
you are inspiration for all people around the world.
with prayers,
ophira from israel

Unknown said...

my heart beats for u admire your bravery!
hope for a good result in this importent fighting

love & admire

jaky from israel

bookbagwarrior said...

Yes there is something the world can do about the situation in Burma other than writing “outraged” letters, “harsh” sanctions etc…First is to find out where the Junta keeps its funds…freeze them. 2. Boycott Chinese/India’s products and or censure contracts, Olympics etc if they refuse to stop supplying arms to this brutal regime. Linkages between economic benefits and good behavior; such as removing funding from lucrative contracts that the Junta is counting on. Yes world activists can identify the individuals, groups, and nations backing these monsters…and proceed to apply “monetary” pressure on them be it boycotting their products, or asking individual investors to INDUCE a “massive” sale of their personal stocks from allied companies, to induce bankruptcy of such companies…..Yes dear friends IT IS TIME TO PUT OUR MONEY WHERE OUR MOUTHS IS…hit them where it hurts and is effective…OR USE OUR FINANCIAL LEVERAGE TO STOP THESE ATROCITIES…PLAY HARDBALL using means other than arms…

we must counter the tyrants using "creative combat" stock portfolios in lieu of guns..please pass this idea around to world activists..

Elaine523 said...

Dear Ko Htike,
Thank you for your bravery, your courage and your love of Burma and of humanity. I was in Burma just before the demonstrations of 1988. My ex-husband is from Burma. I know first hand the sufferings of the Burmese people. The world must unite and speak out for the Burmese people. It is unimaginable to outsiders that life can be so restricted. WE MUST UNITE IN FORCING THE JUNTA OUT OF BURMA. Please inform me of demonstrations in the Boston area.
Blessings to you, Ko Htike,

Orlando Santos Silva said...

Like I have heard a French politician (Ségolène Royal) saying today: people who live in democratic countries have to put their energy supporting those who are putting their lives in danger for freedom! I know my side: with the people who are suffering. Dictatorship is for the weak "leaders", without any skills or talent (the authoritarians don’t have hope in themselves!), so they only have the force (forcing the others to obey). And, worse, they don’t know how to rule their own lives, so they are violent, brutal and mean. With proud and admiration for the courage ones. Orlando. Portugal

High Power Rocketry said...

Stick with it man.

Anonymous said...


Richard Thomas said...

Dear Ko Htike,

The blogging has obviously garnered the attention of rest of the world, including President Bush and the United Nations. On Thursday, the Bush administration imposed economic sanctions against 14 senior Burmese officials. On Wednesday, the U.N. Security Council issued a statement of concern about the violent crackdown and said it would send a special envoy to Burma.

You have our support and attention.

Detroit Michigan USA

Unknown said...

Dear Ko Htike!

Earlier or later, EVERY dictatorhip will fall down!!! Remember Eastern Germany in 1989 or Romania, etc. in the same year as well.

I am quite sure that also the dictatorship in Burma (Myanmar) will collapse soon. I really hope an dwish that for your people.

Please, keep going with your blog!

Best wishes & greetings from Germany,


rodney747 said...

Go Go fella. All power to you!!!

Unknown said...

Dear Ko Htike, I have been wearing red today to honour both you and your fellow countrymen.

Best wishes from Sweden,


Unknown said...

You're doing a wonderful thing, Ko! Thank you for the updates, posts, and pictures. My prayers not only go out to the Burmese people, but also to you to stay current and to keep us current on all things Burmese.

Thank you so much for what you do!

Peace from the heartland of the USA

Anonymous said...

Htike, thanks for opening this blog.. I found a website you can support the marchers: just sign the petition, they intend to get to 250k and so far are 203K

You're in our thoughts and prayers
From Mexico... Rocio

Purple Girl said...

I am truely with you in spirit with all the best hopes and prayers for a quick and peaceful resolution. Freedom is not someting we can become complacent about. I admire your strength and committment and hope those same attributes will be with our nations people in the tasks ahead. WE too are under tyranny and must find a way to right the wrongs.
I will be wrting to the UN to demand they place heavy priority on this situation before a new Darfur emerges.
A Fellow Peaceful Freedom Fighter in US

América, SOY YO said...

Ko Htike e povo da Birmânia,

No Brasil estamos orando por vocês e pela libertação do seu país!


Elisabeth C. Costa - São Paulo

elena rulli said...

You are a brave person and need our total respect! Keep on updating this blog, please, because you are one of the few free voices coming from Burma.
Thank you, I pray for you and for your people, although I'm not religious.

O_T said...

Thank you ko htike for your efforts.
May the people of Burma overcome the brutality of militarism.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ko Htike,

I fervently hope that the world will not stand by and allow these atrocities to continue in your country. We do not need another Rwanda. The world's democracies need to intervenw with force if necessary.

Elko, Nevada, USA

Cinnamon Girl said...

My thoughts are with you and the people of Burma. This should not be allowed to happen. I can only hope my government cares as much about democracy in Burma as it does in Iraq.

Unknown said...

Namaste Ko Htike

The world is watching what happens in you country and the world is praying for you all. You are not alone, this outrage cannot continue.

We people living in freedom must continue to support our brothers and sisters in Burma.

Thank you for bringing us the real story.I am updating your news on my website daily. Your story WILL be heard! The truth WILL set you free!

Be safe, our thoughts are with you.

Many Blessings from Christine Stewart in Britain

Daniel said...

Thank you for fighting for freedom. My prayer and support goes to you!

From Sweden

Anonymous said...

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