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Open Letter to Mr.Barack Obama

Your Excellency, Mr. President,

We do hope in advance that you have a chance to get through this letter as our intention is to let you know how Burma was under cruelty of military regime for almost a half century without human right and under repeated crack down excessively by them but those culprits are still at large and successfully covering up their criminal wrongdoing that finally they became so brave to act the most unruly suppression to Burmese people.

Within previous 47 years until now, we Burmese were suffering but very few in the outside of Burma ever notice of what is really happened. That was in earlier days as due to successful isolation of our country from outside world by military regime but recently isolation is difficult so mostly the military leaders were too smart in playing the tricks to convince the international communities by applying so many methods.

Traditionally, Burmese are so polite and their humble hospitality to visitors and strangers are normal practice in our society. Military leaders took that good practice as their advantage to gain the friendship from dignities, diplomats, observers or whoever concern to find out the inside story of Burma. Then they guide them to see all fabricated, pre-arranged demonstration and false evidences but at the same time, they frightening the people and force them to give a statement as dictated by authority. No one dare to mention what is really happened as otherwise they will end up in detention camp with inhuman hard labor sentence after suffering tortures and abuses. Example was in recent crack down to peaceful demonstration of Buddhist Monks in religious gathering at year 2007; in which one Japanese reporter was shot dead among many others undisclosed figures for Burmese casualties that estimated to reach hundreds. United Nation Secretary General sent his special envoy Mr. Ibraham Gambari to find out the true story but authority deliberately delay the visa processing for him until they arrange forced public gathering to denounce the demonstration contrary to what was really happening and Mr. Gambari was witnessing all that pre-arranged demonstrations. We never know whether he could arrange to see someone for interview but even if he can, the interviewee must be either dictated by authority or afraid to say true story because all that interviews were conducted in present of authority. We never know what the report Mr. Gambari was done but we never hear any result out of his journey and people of Burma had lost confidence on him. We just want to present some of the terrible events which were faded away from the memory of Democracy loving people after systematically substituting another interesting but controversial event by Junta.

(1) It was back in 1962 that Rangoon University students were demonstrating peacefully for demanding the change of University acts, and then military government sent troops to shoot the peaceful demonstrators with recoilless rifles. Helpless students were run into one of the building for sanctuary but military set up the explosives to that building and blown up that the whole building and students inside were vanished. That criminal case of mass murdering was strongly condemned but then military government imposed the law to nationalized all private own business which was including of foreign own multi national corporation thus interest of the world change to new subject and soon forgot about the earlier case.

(2) In 1967, the same military government exporting too much rice to buy arms and ammunitions but it caused shortages in local consumption and famine were started that people were angry and ready to commence uprising even in the army to against military leaders. Unfortunately, in neighboring China was also in the high of their infamous Culture Revolution which the communist tried to import to Burma via oversea pro-communist Chinese residing in Burma. Burmese were not happy with communist Chinese in Burma but they are not threat to local Burmese as they are very small group among other anti-communist Chinese. Military Intelligent was creating misunderstanding to cause racial riot between Burmese and Chinese that end up in bloodshed of mostly innocent Chinese but angers for government misappropriation was faded away and forgotten.

(3) Peaceful demonstrations followed up by brutal crack down with shooting into demonstrators were successively happened in military rule Burma in the years of 1974, 1975 and 1976 but military government successfully isolate the country from outside world so their criminal wrongdoing were not much noticed in the civilized world. Their final act to demolish the will of democracy loving people was so cunning and unbelievable to the civilized world. Government was involved in distributing drugs of all kinds which were cheap and easy to buy even in the middle and high schools. Their dirty plan was so successful that Burma was cleared of demonstrations; uprisings and even criticizing of government were not heard anymore until 1988 bloodiest crack down. Military rulers were so smart but the generation of that era was mostly ended up as drugs abusers and addicts. All famous drugs traders were free to cultivate process and distribute their product abroad which was covered by military rulers. Of course, destroying the opium fields and arresting of drugs dealers were continue to satisfy the international community to show that they are active in action. All the victims are small scale farmers and dealers. Famous drugs traders were having agreement with military leaders to share the profit and accumulating wealth. The most notorious big name of drugs trader was freed and did the business with government. His name is Lau Hsi Han and nowadays he owns the Traders Hotel in Rangoon jointly with Shangri-La group. His son is running one of the biggest Company in Burma called Asia World, with most of their business is to do the government contracts. All the drugs related insurgent groups were the first among others to sign the truce with military regime when chances allowed them to come back into legal fold so their drug’s money were invested in legal business joint venture with Generals of today Junta. They still are doing the old day business with same practice of taking action to small scale traders for show. Recent crisis in North Eastern Shan State of Koe-Kant area was because of disagreement in profit sharing between army Generals and drugs traders.

(4) Burma was in backward situation for economy and country was deeply in poverty cause another uprising in 1988, which was the cruelest and bloodiest crack down to innocent peaceful demonstrators as thousands of them were killed. Military rulers apply the same old method to derail the interest of the world as they announced the multi party election will be held in the country. People of the world focus their interest from mass murder of thousands demonstrators to up coming election. The culprits of mass murderers were free again.

(5) As they promise, military rulers held the multi party election in 1990 with 100% sure confidence of their own National Unity Party to win the majority. Result was totally reciprocal and opposition National League for Democracy (NLD) Party lead by Nobel Peace Price Laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi won in landslide victory. As usual as ever, the military Junta never kept their promise and never hand over the power to NLD. They arrested Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and many elected members of People’s Assembly. Their method of trick was successful again as international community cry again to release political detainees so hand over of power to NLD issue was faded away.

(6) The dirtiest character of military Junta was revealed in the period after the election. They never say anything for handover the power, deliberately delayed and cancelled the National Convention to draft the constitution since 1995 and then arresting political activists including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi but releasing some of them when nearer to United Nation General Assembly or Asian Summit for show but when issue was cool down then arrested again.

(7) Another dirty trick was done in 2002 when UN Secretary General sent his special envoy Mr. Razali Ismail to Burma for National reconciliation. Mr. Rezali made all good report about Junta contrary to the real feeling of Burmese people and finally people found out that Junta awarded some government’s contracts to Mr. Razali’s own Malaysian company to keep him in their pocket. Mr. Razali was finally withdrawn all his achievement between UN and Junta but his business prospered.

(8) Political prisoners of conscience and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi were used like bargaining tools for Junta as they arrested them without firm ground but kept them in custody and whenever nearer to important events such as UN General Assembly or Asian Summit, then Junta release them to reduce some pressure they are about to face in that meeting. Junta always do that practice but after the events, arresting resume.

(9) The most terrible criminal conspiracy carried out by Junta after 1988 massacre was happened in March, 2003 at the place call De-Pel-Yin in North-Eastern part of central Burma where Nobel Peace price Laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and her entourage traveling peacefully at night and Junta conspiring with army, police and prisoners laced with drugs and promise of release, set up the ground in far place from inhabitants with powerful searchlights and guard towers equipped with machine guns, attack the entourage. Fortunate by miracle, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was barely escaped by her brave driver to arrive in nearest town then authority arrested her on the spot. Almost all her entourage of hundreds people were either dead or arrested. Killing ground was cleared overnight by Junta for no evidences to remain. We believed all witnesses to be were either in prison or killed. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was arrested without trial since and no one dare to complain the case to authority because Junta was a main culprit in conspiracy.

(10) International community can’t do anything other than the media broadcasting but Junta can’t answer the so many questions so they use the same old method of creating the new controversial issue. They declare 7 steps road map for democracy which actually
was buying time to find out other dirty tricks. 1990 election result was still valid and junta not dares to cancel but they declare to hold another election. Outcome same as ever as junta expectation; De-Pel-Yin murder conspiracy was faded away and new arguments started for new issue.

(11) Killing of innocent and peacefully demonstrating Monks in September, 2007, was already mentioned above in 3rd paragraph of this letter.

(12) Tropical Cyclone Nargis destroyed Southern Delta region of Burma in May, 2008, which responsible parties notice the approach of cyclone and destructive intensity in days advance but Junta intentionally ignore that to prepare for saving the lives of inhabitants. Result was end up in 200,000 lives lost and uncountable damages to infrastructures and mentality of victims. The reason for ignorance is that their promise referendum according to road map should be held in the same month, May, 2008, and by no mean they can get the votes of approve from people of Burma so they already planned for methods to get the votes. They threatening the people, blackmailing and final resort was to cheat the votes. Unfortunately for people of Burma but fortunate for Junta that Cyclone was came in at the same time for them as the whole world and Burmese were busy for rescues and relieves works so Junta cheating for Referendum was less focus and successful. If Junta issued the warning and did the necessary actions prior Cyclone, then at least half of the casualties will still be alive today. Not only had that but also Junta not allowed the local and international helps by materials and personnel for disaster relieve works immediately after disaster to go to the area. That caused many lives wasted again as victims were left alone in disastrous area without food and water but with injure and disease. Junta was in the paranoid of allowing foreigners in country when they are in progress of cheating the votes and for that result they exchange lives of 200,000 fellow citizens. They are worst criminal even in the above the category of Nazi and Holocaust.

Our conclusion is that we want Mr. President to know how inhuman Junta and their Generals that they have no dignities at all but their smile and politeness always attract their opposition to be trapped in their tricks. They are surviving for almost half a century. Our beloved Nobel Peace Price Laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was fighting alone to that hordes of Generals in previous 22 years and in two third of that period she was detained by Junta and now she is still in detention. We all Burmese praise her sacrifice for country and people, her endurance for inhuman treatments of Junta and her farsighted leading ability to guide the people and followers in peaceful manner. We hope your new initiative of dialogue with Junta will be successful in the result of Burmese people’s benefits.

We request Your Excellency to accept our wishes for your Excellency’s personal welfare as well as for the prosperity of the people of the United States of America.

Yours sincerely,

Thu Ye Kaung
Rangoon, Burma.


Unknown said...

Despite human right abuses and an extremely harsh penal system, that had evolved over four decades starting with the military coup of March 2, 1962, the current regime is moving Burma in the right direction. The colonial era had left behind the conditions that almost destroyed Burma as a state soon after independence. Objectively speaking, the Burmese army had saved Burma. The conditions of independence imposed on Burma in the form of Panglong Agreement was the roots of today's problems. Further, during the colonial era, Burmese society was not allowed to develop intellectually, being treated as third class citizens in their own country. The result was the development of slave mentality and inferiority complex amongst today democracy activists. They look up to UN, US, UK, EU and Japan to solve Burma's problems instead of developing intellect, patriotism and capabilities to deal with differences in harmonious way and to develop the nation. Many had lost self respect and consequently become incapable of knowing whom to respect or emulate. The case in point is the acceptance of a Burmese woman, daughter of Burma's revered and assassinated hero General AungSan, as paragon of virtue, without considering if she had indeed devoted herself to the good of Burmese people prior to the uprisings of 1988; they completely fail to understand that she is an opportunist through and through. As a matter of fact she is extremely ambitious and determined to humiliate her brother AungSan, true inheritor of AungSan legacy, because he disowned her as his sister when she married an Englishman called Michael Aris. To AungSanOo and many Burmese patriots it was the height of treason. Logically it is true because their father was assassinated by the hidden hands of English sympathisers of the Karen rebels, who were mostly Christian and had fought on the British side against the Japanese. Given the modern history of Burma under the English, it is unbeleivable that SuuKyi married an Englishman and took advantage of or abused her father's name in Burma, whereas she was a MRS. MICHAEL ARIS in Oxford, where she lived as a mere housewife. Freedom and democracy will certainly haunt her and put her back where she belongs - a housewife. But she is still dreaming of becoming Burma top politician, Prime Minister of Burma. She could but she will end in disgrace because there are many problems pertaining to the survival of the state of Burma waiting. The military simply afford to go back to the barracks leaving the inexperienced and poorly educated politicians in charge. Burmese people need to realise this for their own good, for their own future.

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