Friday, 28 September 2007

27/09/07 killed by regime (pic form DVB)

These pictures are from yesterday(27/09/07)


whatthehellsgoinon said...

Please send us other Burma address blog if you know.

All the world is with you! Resist Resist and Resist.

Rosario from Italy

Mali said...

Dear Ko Htike,
I'm the UK correspondent for Montreal's daily newspaper, we would like to do an interview with you. Please get in touch asap! I sent you an email at your gmail address. My mobile no is in my message. Many thanks and the best of luck to you and your people.

gillian said...

Is there any news from Mandalay?

kokonatsu said...

Just found this blog.
I wish all will end soon - peacefully - and there won't be more casualties.

Heta from Finland

nimrodstu said...

Ko Htike,

have u heard from your contacts in rangoon today? i hope all are well. how are the streets? and have u heard how the situation is in the other cities?

have u news on those being detained? please let your people know we are urging our goverments and china to act. our hopes and prayers are with them.

Stuart, Scotland

A. said...

Keep up the good work.

Free Burma!

John from Chicago

Unknown said...

We talk about Free Burma

Anonymous said...

There is a will and a way, thank you so much for your bravery. The world is watching you and so many of us want to do something. I am sitting for you daily, it is all I can do at this time along with pestering my government. Please reply to this comment if there is more I can do. If you knwo of something I will do it!! We are with you.
Huntington WV USA

Laurent Van Winckel said...

Check for citizen journalist news about Burma.

Riccardo said...

Many many Italian bloggers looking at you and spreading the news. Some of them decided to stop blogging tomorrow for solidarity.
Many of them colored their blog in red and put images of your people.

Lara said...

Dear Ko Htike,
My prayers are with you and your people. The kind of bravery that you and your people show are unknown to me and most citizens in this world. Please let us know how can we help.
Lara from Spain (residing in USA)

june said...

The people of the United States are in solidarity with the people of Burma. We admire the courage of the monks and the people to resist this oppressive government.

June from Tennessee, USA

Unknown said...

Dear Ko Htike

I live in Thailand near Burma but i saw a little news about Burmar in main Thai News.

Your blog that help me to know more news about the protest.

W.G. said...

Ko Htike,

Resist Resist Resist. The world supports you! Never give up, Bruma!

If there is anything we could to to help you, let us know!

Viviane from Brazil, but living in Montreal.

Unknown said...

What is the point giving mere moral support while unarmed Burmese are shot and killed? This is the time to ACT. Send money, arms and wireless sets to the Burmese democracy activists and prepare them for a guerrilla war. The Burmese Army will not understand any other language other than bullets and bombs. Burmese democracy activists must launch guerrilla warfare against the Burmese Army and the whole world should send them money, arms and all help. This is the only practical solution. Whoever can afford it can travel to Chittagong port in Bangladesh from where arms can be reached to the Burmese democracy activists. Burmese activists can also be very easily contacted in NEW DELHI. If this opportunity is lost, it may not come again for a long long time and the barbaric Burmese Army will simply butcher unarmed Burmese. The time to act is NOW!!!!!!! There won't be any point acting after the barbaric Burmese Army has already shot everyone. Better do something tangible instead of merely comments on blogs. And do it FAST!!!!!! Time is running out...

VC said...

Thank you for putting out this information, keep it up the word is spreading!

Kelly from America

Paula Cristina said...

Saludos a todo el pueblo valiente de birmania¡¡¡
Desde el continente americano (Latinoamérica) seguimos su lucha por la democracia y libertad..Sigan luchando sigan adelante no desmayen en su lucha..Que dios los acompañen.

LBR said...

The whole world is watching, hoping, and praying for the Burmese people.

Steve from USA

Unknown said...

Speculation over possible confrontation among Burmese Generals:

bekibunny said...

Hang in there Ko Htike!
We've been hearing some terrible and crazy stuff out here. Do you know if its true the army is fighting each other in Mandalay? there are also reports an abbot and 200 monks were massacred in a monastery.
There are protests going on in front of Burmese Embassies all over the world today. There are more tomorrow. We will keep trying to put pressure on our governments to do something.
Stay as safe as you can please. We are all thinking of you.

High Power Rocketry said...

Pretty scary stuff man :(

Unknown said...

Ko Htike,

Thank you so much for this service you are performing for the people of Burma and the world. My prayers are with you, the Burmese people, and Aung San Suu Kyi.

Shawn from Florida, USA

Grace Chou said...

I truly admire the Burmese's bravery and sacrifice in the aim for democracy, it is definitely not something we see everyday. DOn't give up, the rest of the world is praying for you guys!

Grace from Taipei, Taiwan.

Unknown said...

You are very brave

Azarmehr said...

Dear Ko Hitke,

Those of us who fight despotic regimes have so much in common with each other. As an Iranian who opposes the theocracy in Iran I am 100% with your people. Your victory will be our victory and your defeat will be ours.

Long live freedom!

Dawn said...

I have been following these news stories all week. I am praying for you and the people of Myanmar.

Don't give up. Stay strong. Fight for what you believe in and for your freedom.


jhaygood said...

You have our prayers and support from the USA. This is what a real thirst for freedom & democracy looks like.

jk said...

The bravery of those sending you pictures should be commended. Without their risk to life the rest of the world would never know what is really happening.

Demon32 said...

I can not imagine what your people are going through. I have the up most respect for people who are willing to die for their freedom ( the value of free thought and action being higher then that of life). You and your people deserve to be free. The government is meant to serve the people, not itself. The best of luck to you and your people. Is there anything we can do to help?

Maine, USA

maxilromano said...


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Buddhists in San Francisco, California (USA) are organizing a peaceful protest today (Friday) outside of the Chinese Embassy in San Francisco on Geary Street near Laguna Street at 12noon PT.

Please wear red to show support for the monks and people of Burma.

The people of San Francisco, California support your effort for peaceful change in Burma!

Other protests today in the US are:

District of Columbia -- Washington
Beginning at 3:30 pm, walk from the Embassy of Myanmar to the Chinese Embassy.

Supporters of the non-violent movement in Burma have been gathering at the Embassy of Myanmar located at the intersection of S Street and 23rd Street in the District.

Illinois -- Chicago

Demonstration and march 12pm Meet at the Northeast corner of Upper Wacker and Michigan Avenue.

12:30pm March to the Chinese Consulate (100 West Erie)
1pm - Demonstration in front of the Chinese Consulate.

Italy -- Milan
4.30 pm - Milano - Piazza della Scala

Please visit the Buddhist Peace Fellowship website to see listings of peaceful protests in your city!

Unknown said...

New York City is having a peaceful protest in support of the monks and people in Burma tomorrow. (Saturday). NEW YORK CITY GET YOUR RED/MAROON OUT!

Saturday, Sept 29
New York -- New York City
Noon to 1 PM

WHERE: Dag Hammersjold Plaza (47th St. & 1st Ave.),
Katherine Hepburn Garden,
between 2 fountains closest to 1st Ave.

WHAT: Metta With the Burmese Monks:

May all beings be free from suffering.
May all beings be free from fear.
May all beings be happy.

HOW: Bring cushions and wear red or maroon if you can.

Ulli said...

Hi Rosaria,

I got this link today:

Many thanks to all Bloggers in and outside Burma


Unknown said...

Seven (Beginning) Principles of Buddhist Activism
By Diana Winston
Former Associate Director, Buddhist Peace Fellowship

What distinguishes Buddhist activism from other kinds of activism?

1. Setting Motivation
Our political actions can be dedicated to the benefit and awakening of all beings. Holding this,
the action itself moves beyond mere do-gooding or fighting so-called oppression and into the
realm of dharma practice.

2. Interbeing
First, we see alive and present in our own minds the same external structures of greed, hatred,
and delusion that we are fighting against. we bow to them. Then we realize there is no "other" to
fight against anyway.

3. Not Knowing
Our job as activists is to learn to hold the multiple questions that arise in our work. We don't
have to have the answer; we want to be present with whatever is coming up. Maybe we are

4. Opening to Suffering
Through our meditation practice, we learn to be present in the face of suffering. We take this
skill out into the world and don't turn away as we face all levels of injustice.

5. Knowing Equanimity
Can we bring equanimity to all of our actions? Can we act without being attached to the result of
our actions? Can we recognize the impossible nature of our tasks and act anyway?

6. Being Peace
Beyond ideological differences, there is a place we can, as Buddhist activists, stand together: our
commitment to be in ourselves that which we are trying to bring about in the world.

7. Mindfulness in Action
The non-distracted state of mindful awareness must accompany and underlie Buddhist activists
in our work to change the world. It is the fundamental nature of our being. There is no separation.

Excerpted and reworked from "Intersection Point: Buddhist Activism at the WTO" by Diana Winston, Turning
Wheel, Spring 2000

Unknown said...

Please contniue to send blog information. We are undertaking a massive effort to keep the Internet lines open. In Thailand they are trying to establish wireless networks and aim them into Burma.

Capibara said...

Is there any way to help?
I've been to Burma in January. My heart is broken.
I know what you're going through as I'm a Romanian and I experienced dictatorship. (the bloody Romanian revolution in '89).
Solidarity is the solution!
I hope Burma will be a free country soon.
Thank you!
From Bucharest, Romania

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I do not know how to express my feelings. But in one word, I feel courageous people like you can make the world a better place. I am watching your blog and my best wishes are with you.

Nyan said...

Poor Burma, Poor Burmese Citizens

Burma had been ruled by stupid cruel militants again and again over the decades.

Burmese citizens had suffered like hell.(really!)

I pray military govenment topples, good leaders rule, Citizens happy and prosperous.

Unknown said...

The word is that convicted criminals have been released by the thousands and driven to the cities to wreak havoc with the monks and protesters. I never knew they could go that low.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ko Htike,
our thoughts, with you. freedom and democracy always win at the end, keep believing, and fighting for a free Burma

andreas , athens, greece.

milan said...

Thank for your blog. Citizens of Burma, keep doing what you are doing. Just don't let these cruel generals wear your will. The rest of the world is with you. I am from Nepal and we went through something similar to this in 1990 and again last year.

Tluanga said...

Dear Ko Htike,

Our prayers are with you, I am from Mizoram, a neighbouring state in India, Wish you all the best!

Unknown said...
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Sarah Farmer said...

Keep up the fight. What you're doing is important and incredibly brave. My thoughts are with you and the people of Burma.

Sarah from Washington, DC

savepeoplenow said...

The Myanmar embassy is located INSIDE the apartment building in which I live in Canada. Only a 30 second elevator ride from my door.

Is there anything I can do TODAY to help protest on your behalf and against ongoing human rights violations?

Is there any message you would like me to print and forward, a letter of protest I can submit? Any peaceful protest action I can take on your behalf that may help you?

Please tell us what I as an outraged Canadian citizen can do.

Thank you

Unknown said...

CNN has announced that The USA is holding the bank accounts of 14 senior members of Myanmar's government so that they cannot get the money that they have stored here in their USA bank accounts.

Also, the US Government has put some travel restrictions on the miltary junta people so that they are going to have difficulty traveling.

Jean said...

Ko Htike,

Your protests have had impact in the US. Though we can't be physically with you, we are with you in spirit.


Unknown said...

Announcement from AP (Associated Press): British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says he believes the loss of life in Myanmar has been "far greater" than is being reported.

fjb said...

Stay safe Ko Htike, and keep up the good work. Many thanks for keeping us informed, and for your bravery. Best of luck to you. You all have my admiration for doing something that most of the rest of us out here in this silly world right now don't have the guts to do. Bless you.


sophee said...

dear ko htike !

please let your people know that we are urging our goverment and china to act.

democracy for burma!

sophee from austria

Terri said...

we are praying for you.

Unknown said...

I will be going to the San Francisco, USA protest at 12 noon pacific time (in 1 & 1/2 hours) to get pictures of the protest here at the Chinese Embassy in San Francisco.

If anyone would like some of these pictures for their blog/website please email me at:

with "Burma" somewhere in your subject line and I will email you live photos from the protest.

kaungkinkyal said... <---- this is another blog written in English.

Ko htite! I really thank you more than what i can say.

hope u get well soon! and also take a good care. We need you.

You are not alone.

kaungkinkyal said... <---- here is another blog which is written in English.

plastic said...

To Ko Htike

thank you for you tireless work. stay strong.

kaungkinkyal said...

Dear ko htike!

thank yor for your bravery!
hope you get well soon.
Take a good care of yourself aswell.
We need you. You are not alone.
All the best to you.

bb said...

a large group of students are meeting at the myanmar embassy in dc today, and we are marching for you. you are in our thoughts, our prayers, and our hearts. thank you for continuing to fight.

in solidarity,

Anonymous said... supoort

haiku-shelf said...

thank you for all informations on your blog!

my best wishes for the Burmese people! they have the right to live free, to live in peace!

kaungkinkyal said... said...

Hello. I am a student in London that is greatly concerned about the events in Burma. If you need any assistance in your task, please let me know.


Lala said...

in solidarity,
lala in pennsylvania, usa

Lala said...

in solidarity, none of us are alone,
lala in pennsylvania, us

Unknown said...

This is truly outrageous. Kinda like Jem. Respect.

Rob said...


As a young US Marine in 1988 I was part of Marine infantry battalion that was called to Burma to evacuate foreign nationals from the various embassies in Rangoon.

I remember the panic and fear the Burmese people faced during 8888 and myself and my fellow Marines were frustrated for not getting the call to go into Rangoon and assist.

Hopefully the bloodshed will end soon and hopefully the people of Burma will someday soon be free once more.

Keep the faith.

United States

Anonymous said...

You guys are true heroes ! How many good men and women does it take to remove a coward from power ? Your people's blood weights like gold !

giantleap said...

Ko Htike:

This came from a Burmese friend in the US- it is unconfirmed- have you heard anything to confirm these events?

Giant Leap
Los Angeles

"We just got phone call with our sister living in Yangon about a few hours ago.
We saw on BBC world, saying that 200 monks were arrested. The true picture is far worse!!!!!!!!!
For one instance, the monastery at an obscure neighborhood of Yangon, called Ngwe Kyar Yan (on Wei-za-yan-tar Road, Yangon) had been raided early this morning.
A troop of lone-tein (riot police comprised of paid thugs) protected by the military trucks, raided the monastery with 200 studying monks. They systematically ordered all the monks to line up and banged and crushed each one's head against the brick wall of the monastery. One by one, the peaceful, non resisting monks, fell to the ground, screaming in pain. Then, they tore off the red robes and threw them all in the military trucks (like rice bags) and took the bodies away.

The head monk of the monastery, was tied up in the middle of the monastery, tortured , bludgeoned, and later died the same day, today. Tens of thousands of people gathered outside the monastery, warded off by troops with bayoneted rifles, unable to help their helpless monks being slaughtered inside the monastery. Their every try to forge ahead was met with the bayonets.

When all is done, only 10 out of 200 remained alive, hiding in the monastery. Blood stained everywhere on the walls and floors of the monastery.

Please tell your audience of the full extent of the fate of the monks please please !!!!!!!!!!!!

'Arrested' is not enough expression. They have been bludgeoned to death !!!!!!"


Hong Kong

Unknown said...

How can those of us outside the country help most effectivly? Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

Respect for what you try to do. Respect for the people trying to make Burma a better place. Our thoughts are with you and you have our support.
I emailed some organizations and Governments asking to put pressure on the Junta and to come to your aid. Be well. Take care. And may you win your cause without much bloodshed.
Much respect and regards,


Kaincana said...

May the God and Goddess bless you and your efforts to bring peace...
Jenn from USA

immortal_tara said...

I just started a blog based in San Francisco, CA, USA to report on the San Francisco Peace Protest which is happening today (Friday) in about half an hour at the San Francisco Chinese Embassy.

It is:

Please feel free to visit and contribute and link it to any related blogs about Burma.

I will try to be posting live from my iphone using the blogger mobile/blogger on the go application.

Novosađanka said...

Ko Htike,

The world is watching and we are all with you. If there's a way we can help your lobbying efforts, let us know. Persist in your mission to let the world know of the atrocities and suffering happening in Burma. I am putting your link on my blog, and hope everyone else will do the same.

All the best,


Unknown said...

Burma 28. September 2007.
Finland/Sweden with You.
Dressed in red.

roland said...

Dear Ko Htike,
thank you for the great job you're doing. Today your blog was mentioned in Switzerlands biggest newspaper BLICK (similar to the DAILY MIRROR in the UK).
We hear you and all the world is with you and the tortured citizens of BURMA. Wish I could do more for you and your country.
Regards from Switzerland

Cat said...

Amnesty Internation is sponsoring a rally in New York City:

Monday, October 1 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Permanent Mission of the Union of Myanmar (Burma) to the United Nations
10 East 77th Street
(near 5th avenue, east side of central park)
New York, NY

Anonymous said...

I was born in Burma. My heart aches when I see the suffering of the poor and yet brave people and the monks, and the victims at the hands of the brutal military junta. They are so inhumane to treat their own people like this. Like one of the US senators said yesterday, they (the heads of the military) will be held responsible and will be trialed in the international court.

Alexander said...

We are with you!


Unknown said...

RIP for that Japanese journalist.

Burmese monks are denying dictatorship, but Thai monks are denying an award-winning picture about bad monks.

What a contrast!

By the way, I hope your fight will end in the better way, winning will be with yours. I believe and hope that.

Gerardor said...

Dear Mr. Htike:
the people in my country is following very closely whats going on in Burma. It is on all front pages of several newspapers, and in the local tv news. It is important to us since we had a terrible dictatorship, and we are just recovering from that pain.
Best luck to Burma. Let us know how can we help.
Gerardor from Uruguay (south america)

Unknown said...

A government should be there FOR its people NOT AGAINST it! Keep up the fight! I admire your bravery! One should use all means possible to spread the word, make people aware and get them to act! Lets hope the word spreads fast enough to make politicians act! Where is the US gov. now? and where are all those who supported Iraq, regretted Rwanda and so many others? Maybe pressuring China with another 'civil society war' against the Beijing Olympics will get them to act like they did in Sudan - it may seem little but is something!!! Pressure your governments!

Free Burma!

Nina from Germany (currently staying in Montreal)

Unknown said...

Ko Htike,
i m a myanmar student who currently live in Singapore. Thanks for ur information.Wish that u may manage to get more info and photo for evident!Pls tell me if there is anything we can do here.Now, what we r doing is gathering at our temple and pray for our people.
"A yay taw pone, Aung Ya Mae"

CarolB said...

You are all so Brave we are thinking of you constantly. From the UK

Kimberlee ONeill said...

Please let your contacts know that we are with them. This needs to stop. Don't lose hope.

Unknown said...

I am shameful of myself...
sitting here safe in the US.
I wish I could do something more...
All I have to give...
Are my prayers and my tears...


Stay safe,


Stephen Ley said...

Keep the faith! We are with you and all those struggling for a free Burma.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.

heionneko said...

Ko Htike,

Thank you for sharing all those news and pictures. Please let us know what can be done. I am just sad, very sad that there is so much violence.

Akira from Mauritius

Athena Smith said...

Edmund Burke had said that evil happens when good men do nothing.

It looks like plenty of good men are doing a lot:))
Everyone in Tampa is rallying behind your cause

Sasha 'Spiriduş' Drag said...

Ko Htike,
If we had internet back 1976, many sad things could have been avoided, or stopped earlier, in Argentina, among them, probably, the senseless Falkland-Malvinas war of 1982. In the name of the free people of the world and in the name of those that wish they were free, thank you for donating your time and effort to expose the brutality of Myanmar's dictature.

Dennis said...

You can all help by letting people in Burma use your home PC as an anonmyous proxy. Even though the internet has been shut down there for now, other people (perhaps in China) may have information on the situation and they need uncensored access to the web.

There is a tool written by human rights advocates that lets people in repressed countries access the web through your connection. See for info, and offer your help if you can.

I am volunteering to set up a Psiphon server myself. If anyone has contacts who need an uncensored web connection to share information about Burma, please email me at

ER said...

The junta leadership regularly visits Singapore, as they are very sick physically (everybody knows they are sick mentally).

Singapore being a country with pseudo-democracy, freedom of movement, and rule of law, may be an easy place to exterminate these evil men.

I do not condone violence, but anybody that orders the killing of unarmed civillians, are nolonger human beings, and need to squashed like a bug.

Pants said...

I wish there was something that we could do besides offer our moral support on a blog. I believe the true power to act lies in hands of our leaders. It is they who decide whether the efforts and suffering of these heroes is in vain. Specifically China. Even a government as repressive as China can't ignore this travesty. Hu Jintao must act or face shame and boycott at his precious Olympic Games.

abb said...

my thoughts and prayers are with you and the people of your country. the world is watching.

Abby in Pennsylvania

Unknown said...

Ko Htike,

You and many, many others -- monks and civilians -- are extraordinarly courageous. The thugs protecting the junta and oppressing and killing the people of myanmar are the worst of humanity. I wish more could be done now to help bring an end to the death and oppression at the hands of the junta.

Washington, DC

pizzaface said...

here are more Burmese blogs:

Silvan said...

Dear Ko Htike and all the people in Burma
I truly admire your struggle for freedom and democratic rights, and I'm surprised that even after many years of the military reingning the will to achieve a democratic system still not died!
Many have asked what they could do from where they live. Do this:

Silvan from Switzerland

Unknown said...

i am very sad about all of this.
i had a burmese penfriend ten years ago who was becoming a monk. we lost touch but i wonder about him, especially now. i hope he is safe and that all the people of burma will be safe very soon.

JonBgood said...

Thanks to all who are risking their lives to send us these updates.
Keep the faith...

Nate DeMontigny said...

You are doing great and important work. Stay brave, safe and well. Thank you!!!

savepeoplenow said...

Dear Ko Htike !


since I posted my last comment a few hours ago asking about what I can do to help, I have decided to take action in my own community in Canada.

The Myanmar embassy is located INSIDE my building here in Canada.

I have just distributed 100 flyers to all of the residents in my building telling them what they can do to protest and together we are DEMANDING action from the Myanmar government.

I want to tell you that right now, as I write this, people coming home from work, getting their flyers out of their mailboxes and are taking action by sending a message to the Myanmar government mailbox stating that they are outraged by what is happening and that they are watching, with you and the rest of the world.

This is not much but at least you know I and other people in my building are with you in solidarity...

you ARE making a difference and inspiring others to try to make a difference.

As Canadian citizens we join the entire world in acting as witnesses to the coming actions of the government of Myanmar now and in the future.

Unknown said...

The world is watching. Today people all over the world have worn red shirts to support all of you who fight for freedom.

Stormcrow said...

I have been watching the events in Buma unfolding in the last week through the internet, and have admire you and the brave people of Burma for your struggle. I can't imagine how hard it must be for people in Burma, and feel sad that the only way to help you is writing letters to my government and party colleagues here from my safe desk in Germany.
As so many other people from so many countries said:
We are with you. This tragedy does not go unseen. Resist, resist, resist.

The best wishes and all my support,

Ruben from Germany

Unknown said...

All the world is praying for you..
you are very brave, violence must not win.

giulia from Italy

Unknown said...

I've sent a PR request to the Iridium Satellite group asking them to donate gear and service as Burma goes dark.

Ari D. said...

Ho Htike,

I commend your bravery and the courage of your people in Burma. My thoughts and tears are with you.

Ari in Portland, OR

Chc said...

Things seem to get worse and worse!

What can we do?

An aesthetic comment in sound:

Emily Martins said...

Some one, please ask people to colect any evidence like hair, clothings,flip flops, blood (with plastic bag) and even some part of the brain, anything they think is the injured or dead people's and keep them safe so that later they can be traced back. They will be come some crucial DNA evidence. Also a respect for a fellow human beings if they were dead and body cunningly destroyed, especially for our martyrs.

wolf said...

Hi, this is Wolf from Germany.

Brave people from Burma,
free Burma from the terrible Junta. It is time to stop them.

Unknown said...


We need more people like you in te world brave revolutionaries who can see the vision of where our global tribe needs to be. Unity, Equality and Altruism. Thank you for sharing with the world.


Unknown said...

Have you heard anything about the reported coup? This is from a UK source:

"Military sources in Rangoon are claiming that the regime's number two, General Maung Aye (right), has staged a coup against Than Shwe, and that his troops are now guarding Aung San Suu Kyi's home. A meeting between him and Suu Kyi is expected. Maung Aye is army commander-in-chief and a renowned pragmatist."

Unknown said...

My heart and the hearts of millions if not billions hold the steadfast believe that this junta must be stopped and peace and justice reign over Burma.

And as for that gracious man who was shown dead on this blog, we need to make sure he is never forgotten and his cost was not in vain....bless you young soul.

American and the world is watching and waiting...but we must take action to bring about a peaceful end.

immortal_tara said...

Please visit my blog for photos of the peace protest in San Francisco today.

Sogno di una notte di mezz'estate said...

Dear Ko Htike,
All the world is with you! I'm with Burma ...... If you can tell with your friends and saw theire that the democratic world is with Bruma's people for the freedom

Jenn said...


# Before and after satellite pictures show disappearance of villages, scientists say
# Also seen: evidence of forced relocation of villagers, military buildup

We are praying for you all. I personally wish I could do more.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ko Htike,

We are reading, praying and hoping all this ends soon. By staying strong we'll get what we want and that is FREEDOM. Even if the internet has been cut off, keep the pictures. Lots of love going your way you are a very courageous person.
Paraussies from Australia

Unknown said...

We need more picture & video to keep the world interested, otherwise Burma will become a forgotten country for another 20 years.

Mark Lipsky said...

My company offers free video email. If you think it would be useful in spreading the word and gaining support, here's the link (you'll need broadband though.)


Remittance Girl said...

Hi Ko,

I suggest that if you can get in touch with anyone inside Burma, you might suggest if they have collected information (text, images, video, etc.) they either save it to a flash memory stick, or burn it onto a CD ROM and then either hand it to a tourist or get it to one of the Western embassies, who probably have their own independent internet uplinks.

The Burmese military need to know that this isn't 1988 anymore. They can't erase reality at the flick of a switch or hide their awful behaviour. The world knows what they are doing and condemn them for it.


* In Search of Truth * said...

တခုခု မလုပ္ရင္ ဆႏၵျပပြဲ က်ဆုံးေတာ့မယ္ ဗ်

Teresita said...

Dear Ko Htike
We are in awe of your bravery. You and your countrymen are in our prayers as you resist despotism. Oceangoer

* In Search of Truth * said...

ဆႏၵျပပြဲ က်ဆုံးေတာ့မယ္ ဗ်

Anonymous said...

This message is for "Savepeoplenow".

Hi, I admire what you have done in your apartment for the Burmese people. I am sure I live in the same city as you, and I know the apartment building at Range Road where the Burmese embassy is situated.
In order to get wider publicity and to plan for any further action in solidarity with the Burmese people, I would suggest that you use the Newsgroups such as Ott.general,, Ott.Events. This way, you might be able to mobilize much larger numbers of participants.
Good luck.

Minn Htike said...

T.Z.Htike (Htate Pote)

Really proud of you
Myoe Gyi

Unknown said...

I went to the protest in San Francisco today. It was peaceful and strong. We send you and you country men and women our support, Ko.

Any suggestions for ways to help Burmese people with this struggle are very welcome.

Julie from Australia + London

Richelle said...

Dear Ko Htike,
I commend you for putting the truth out here. Shame on the Burmese government for their actions. Our hopes, thoughts, and prayers are with you. Persevere, your efforts are so valuable!
Richelle, from Omaha, Ne, the US

Bohemian said...

These soldiers have no respect to Sangha!!! How could they shoot and beat those people with no weapon? Aren't they afraid of karma?
Hopefully your country will get democracy and peace. May Buddha be with you.

Angela from Taiwan

EasternSky said...

ကိုထိုက္ေရ ထပါေတာ႔ဗ်ဳိ႔။marquez9

David R. Jones said...

Dear Ko Htike,

We are all still with you Brother/Sister. Blessings upon you and all the Burmese people still under seige this day. May peace and freedom be upon you all soon.


lovesohwa said...

bbidusanda bbiwabaje !!!!!

burma can do it !!

korea democratization in 1980

i wish burma democratization now!!!

p e a c e !!!!!!

Jameelist said...


Please contact the Canadian Friends of Burma at 613.237.8056. They are the clearinghouse for all things Burma, in Canada. We do a lot of public advocacy and lobbying of the Canadian government. They will let you know what you might be able to do.


Kate said...

Ko Htike,

Thank you for keeping the rest of the world informed and for exposing this brutal dictatorship. Your country is in my prayers.

Greetings from DC

FreddyG said...

I am a great admirer of what you are doing. You are standing up for the same rights that people in my country take for granted. I am in awe of your dedication to help change the leadership in your country and educate people on the real horror and injustice taking place as it happens.

floridaforpeace said...

I don't know if you've found it yet, but Reporters Sans Frontiers has a guide to covert blogging at

Be safe, we're praying for you and the people of Burma.

Don Kong said...

I can't describe my anger in words. I am with you people of Burma. Bear up and drive the greedy murderer ot of your country or better kill them!

Andreas from Cambodia.

Unknown said...

Oil companies TOTAL (France) and
CHEVRON (USA) have been doing business with the military juncta for the past 10 yrs and have been pouring millions into the bloody hands of generals. If there's something we can do from Europe and the Usa is put those companies to shame.
Free burma Now.

alireza azizi said...

The world is with you and support your struggle for human rights and freedom.

Best of luck in these difficult time.
Stay safe.

Unknown said...

You are doing a good thing, and a noble thing. You are the voice of the people who are there right now, cut off from the rest of the world. God bless you.

Unknown said...

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo - I offer my prayers for peace and an end to the death. AND TO CHANGE as a result.

Thank you for your courage, communications, & beauty in this world of chaos. I want peace and would like to help in any way I can. Thanks for sharing the info about the prison and helping us, in the US understand what's going on over there.

Peace doesn't come from the gov't but from people's hearts changing the gov'ts of the world.

Let's raise our voices, just as our friends in Burma have bravely sent us images and news. Unite

Unknown said...

Ko htike,
There is little solace in saying that I will pray for you and your country, I know. But, In times of crisis people like you rise to record and alert the world to the horrors that are occurring thousands of miles away. You are at this moment my HERO. Don't back down. The world is with you.

Captain USpace said...

Good wordspreading! A very scary situation.

Hang in there people of Burma, most everybody in the world is behind you 100%.

Bush slammed the corrupt UN and the evil rulers of Myanmar in his UN speech earlier this week.

If the USA went in, they would get everybody screaming in protest.

The UN must do something, but they never use military force to fight.
That is a huge problem.

The UN rarely does anything to stop a disaster or genocide. Look at Rwanda. They just come in later and act all concerned.

Illegal drug fortunes are at the heart of this.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe wants
complete narco states

criminals in power
loving the corrupt drug war

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
shoot peaceful protesters

calling for democracy
which you must never allow

myitmaunghmine said...

Ko Htike,

You are a star.
We are very proud of you.
There will be a march in London tomorrow.
All Burmese here are with our people.

Ko Zaw

crazy cat said...

Dear Ko Hkite

I saw the pictures and couldn't stop tearing...

I'm Korean, and we had the similar history that the citizens fought against the dictatorship in Gwanjoo in 1980.. Thousands of Koreans were killed by the military government at that time.

But people never give up here, and finally the people won.

Cheer up. You people are doing the right thing.

If it is OK with you, I'd like to post the pictures on my blog (, so more Koreans can see what's going on there.

Plz remember, u'r not alone... we are here for you.

Best of the best luck to you and ur country...

Larla said...

thank you for your blog, it has obviously touched a lot of people. my mother is with the UN in yangon, burma and is still there with my younger brother. do you know if phone lines are still working?

doit said...

Sweden thanks you för this blogg.We are watching, hoping, and praying for the Burmese people. If we can do anything more let us know.

Anonymous said...

You and your people are very brave, don't give up! The world sees you!

Susan from USA

activist1952 said...

Can't find my posting. Try again to send love and support from Far North Queensland in Australia. Bravery from monks and people of Burma is inspiring. Praying that things will change for the better.Wish I knew how to help more. Congratulations, stay strong and be proud of your amazing efforts.

Geezer Power said...

Is there any more mention of the events from the post from (28 September 2007 19:17)? There isn't much info on the MSM about this.

Thanks for all that you do and I hope that peace will come soon. We are with you in the Pacific North West.

Mystery Box Games said...

i am italian and i want to tell all you that I am with you!let's fight using peaceful protest as only weapon

Unknown said...

The world is watching the tragedy going on in Burma thanks to your blog. Great respect!!

Please support the online-petitions on the lower part of the page


Joachim from Germany

Birma Journalist said...

Good Burma Blog in German. Very good investigated (14 years in Burma) and very interesting! Look under:

Thanks for all

Jonas from Mae Sot, Thailand and Zurich, Switzerland

Anonymous said...


Canan Eoy

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