Tuesday, 9 October 2007

China doesn't have heart for those who had been killed by junta

We could see what china said on the UNSC meeting on monday (08 Oct 2007). See the news at below.

We need to organize the people all over the world to boycott the bloody china Olympic. I would like to request to people; if you have any idea of what we can do effectively.

Please ... advice us.

Shall we work together and show to CHINA what is the real power of people all over the world?

(Quote from news.com.au)
UN security council seeks common ground on Burma

UN security council experts met today to finetune a Western-sponsored statement condemning the bloody military crackdown in Burma, but China pressed for softer language.

Experts from the council's 15 members huddled behind closed doors this afternoon in a search of consensus on a draft that could be submitted to their ambassadors for approval.

Early today, China's deputy UN ambassador Liu Zhenmin said there would be consultations "to improve the text", meaning to soften language in the draft submitted by the United States, Britain and France on Friday.

The three Western powers introduced their text after the council heard a report from UN envoy Ibrahim Gambari on his recent mission to Burma to defuse the crisis.

The draft would condemn "the violent repression of peaceful demonstrations" by Burma's rulers, urge them to "cease repressive measures" and release detainees as well as all political prisoners, including opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

It was submitted amid intense pressure for strong council action from world public opinion following outrage over Burma's deadly repression of peaceful anti-government protests led by Buddhist monks late last month.

Official figures reveal at least 13 people died and more than 2100 were locked up in the crackdown as security forces used live rounds, baton charges and tear gas to crush protests involving up to 100,000 people.

On Saturday, protests were held in several cities around the world in support of Burma's embattled pro-democracy movement.

"What is important is that the council give a strong message in support of Professor Gambari," a South African diplomat said as he went into the meeting.

The diplomat predicted agreement on a text by Wednesday at the earliest.

Italy's UN Ambassador Marcello Spatafora for his part stressed that it was urgent for the council to send a "strong, unified' message to Burma's ruling junta.

"There's a sense of urgency to send a strong message, a unified message, at the right moment. That is now," he said.

Unlike a resolution, a presidential statement requires the consent of all 15 members to be adopted.

China, which has close ties with Burma and favours constructive engagement with its military regime, warned last week that putting pressure on the ruling generals "would lead to confrontation".

China's UN envoy Wang Guangya Friday urged members to adopt "a prudent and responsible approach".

The United States has threatened to push for UN sanctions against the military regime, including an arms embargo, if it refuses to halt its crackdown and refused to cooperate with Mr Gambari's mediation for national reconciliation.

But any sanctions resolution was likely to face resistance and possibly a veto from China and Russia, which deem the turmoil in the South-East Asian country an internal matter and not a threat to broader peace and security.

Last January, China and Russia used a rare double veto to block a US-sponsored draft resolution that would have called on Burma's rulers to free all political detainees and end sexual violence by the military.

In a conciliatory move apparently aimed at forestalling tough council condemnation, Burma's rulers trumpeted the release of hundreds of monks and demonstrators and donated thousands of dollars as well as food and medicines to monasteries in rangoon.

And junta chief Than Shwe named the deputy labour minister, Aung Kyi, as the "manager for relations" with Aung San Suu Kyi, four days after the military supremo made a heavily conditioned offer to meet with the Nobel Peace prize laureate, state television said.

Aung San Suu Kyi, who has come to symbolise Burma's peaceful struggle for democracy, has spent most of the past 18 years under house arrest.

On Friday, Mr Gambari had said that all council members agreed the status quo in Burma "is unacceptable and unsustainable" and backed his plan to pay a return visit to Burma before mid-November.


bobby fletcher said...

Yet again China get dragged into this while you people ignore the fact George Soros’ OSI has been financially supporting the uprise. George Soros was the one who destroyed the Thai Baht back in 1997

The Burmese democracy activists have openly acknowleged receiving support from OSI. Add on qusai-government organization like NED funded Einstein Institute operated by CIA officer Col. Robert Helvey - and people wonder why.

Are you going to talk about America’s privatization of foreign policy like this, where cold-war warriors justify their existence by spending their ill-gotten gains on behalf of Uncle Sam?

Are you going to remind them George Soros was the one who destroyed the Thai Baht back in 1997?

Helz said...

Whilst I cannot agree with China, Russia or India's views on Burma, I think the UN council members do need to ensure dialogue is maintained with the Burmese Junta. To have no UN representation in Burma would be a step backwards.

But more importantly we, the people of this planet, can make a stand. I feel this can be done through 1 (and I stress 1) mass petition to say we are wanting to boycott the Olympic Games 2008. Yes people can lobby their governments too, but 1 world wide petition would surely be an attention grabber?

I also think that individuals should make a concerted effort to boycott goods from China. Unfortunately, we in Western society are blatantly supporting the sweat-shops, child labour and human rights' abuses that exist in other countries, because of our drive for consumerism and cheap goods. This has to be eliminated through education. People have to be informed and educated about these issues.

Governments and diplomats are not the only answer.

Oswegan said...

Interesting post. Thanks for spreading this news.

I am simpathetic to your cause.


claudia said...

How to organize effectively to boycott the Beijing Olympics, bring pressure on China?

a) One approach would be to enlist the assistance of the Olympic athletes themselves: Consider this quotation about an Olympic athelete a few years ago: "American speed skater Joey Cheek did something very unusual after winning the 500 meter race at the Winter Olympics. He announced he's contributing his $25,000 gold medal award from the U.S. Olympic Committee to refugees from Darfur. And he urged Olympic sponsors to support the same relief effort." Joey Cheek would be a good ally. Perhaps he could initiate a petition amongst the athletes: anywhere but Beijing.

b) Satire: surely someone can come up with "new" olympic "sports" for Beijing. Nasty stuff like how many monks can you bury alive in 5 minutes. This is perhaps extreme--more tasteful ways might be more effective--but although dialog is indispensable and sanctions have their place, I don't think they will be effective in this case: Burma has too much oil that China wants (and China owns too much of the U.S. for us to make too much of a big stink).

c) If possible, get people to stop posting in Microsoft proprietary formats like powerpoint: I for one would have like to have seen what Nicknayman said in his post today titled "PunishingTHAN SHWE.pps"

Headed to Rissah said...

Ko Htike-

I will stand with you and the people (and monks) of Burma until there is resolution.

There are weekly peace rallies in town where I live to keep awareness alive and not let it slip out of people's view. My daughter an dI have made the commitment to attend each Saturday that we are able (unless out of town). I have decided to light a candle each night and wear red every Friday (and Saturdays during rallies).

We msut work to keep the information flowing and keep the news alive even if nothing new comes out of the ocuntry otherwise people will forget.

I like Claudia's ideas above, but we must remember to keep it peaceful or we degrade the movement.

I wrote a very emotional letter to the president today to please take action further than sanctions to physically protect the people of Burma until negotiations can be made, until true progess is in action. I doubt he will read it but maybe if enough people spoke up... Who knows. I will not give up hope. Democracy and humanity will come eventually. I just hope the people inside Burma know that they have international support.

I pray there will be no more violence, but I fear it's inevitable. I hadn't prayed since I was a small child, yet I started again because of this. I will continue to and to take action however I can.

Stay strong and keep writing. Many people are with you.

Anonymous said...


could you please set up the link on this blog in a visible spot, this petition is massive, as already suggested other petitions could be organised as well as.

Please sign the petition at
Avaaz.Org - Sign the Petition to boycott the 2008 Olympics

I'll be happy to list any other petitions on my blog...

ko said...

Special or supernatrual power like "Veto" should not be existed at the first place.. I don't get to understand the logic of "Veto power". UN should review and analyse again what is the point " Veto Power". Why don't they simply apply voting system which is fair where majority agree.

Anonymous said...

They used to have a voting system, why on earth did they change to veto powers?...

After Tianamen how did China managed to get a "permanent" place in the UN?

Anonymous said...

One more thing por favor...

These terms of the junta;

"disciplined democracy"

For example;
Singapore is a "disciplined democracy" and the citizens have no rights to demonstrate, have no rights to express themselves, have no rights to complain, the "voting" citizens can only receive what it is given to them. By the way the "voting" citizens are "forced" to vote for only one party -- you all know them... To cover themselves (the party) pays a generous tip (peanuts) to the "concerned voting" citizens. And the honest citizen says 'we have to survive', we need food on the table. Well they at least get bread on the table, not rice.

Do we want the same for Burma?

Then what is the difference between the present militar regime and the new "discipline democracy"? The monks are being forced to accept junta's donations at present.

mArGa rEth said...

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Anonymous said...

have you read this?

Farajirhaxmurak said...

To Bobby Fletcher's comment - So what kind of support the Burmese democracy activists received from OSI? Some machine guns,bombs, latest commnication gadgets? OR may be some victims supports like dead bodies identified and burried as basic human rights, medical treatment, pension for the families left behind? We are talking about unarmed human beings being tortured, raped and killed alive, only because they were asking for at least freedom of speach. Not the financial messed up or political economies. Do not forget that we are all talking about the human beings , being killed like animals.

Athena Smith said...

Kaura Bush says that the junta should step aside. Read it here

Anonymous said...

It is very difficult to persuade any country to boycott the Olympics after the USA boycot of the Moscow ones a few decades back.
There is always a feeling that sport should not be mixed with politics.
However, I for one would welcome any country or individual who withdrew from the China olympics because of their support of the Burma regime.

Even those who take part should wear a red headband to show their support for the Burmese people.

I for one marched with my wife and kids through the streets of London last weekend and hopefully I will find a way to do more.

Blessings to you.

honeyboy said...

very nice blog
(free burma!)

Outspoken said...

It is very difficult to persuade any country to boycott the Olympics after the USA boycot of the Moscow ones a few decades back.
There is always a feeling that sport should not be mixed with politics.
However, I for one would welcome any country or individual who withdrew from the China olympics because of their support of the Burma regime.

Even those who take part should wear a red headband to show their support for the Burmese people.

I for one marched with my wife and kids through the streets of London last weekend and hopefully I will find a way to do more.

Blessings to you.

soe222 said...

This dialogue arranged by Gambarie
between DASSK n Junta representive
is just another delay tactic, buying time, till momentum dies
down, what choice do we have, this
is what Gambarie and Banki UN came up with, after the Junta dissed him by sending him on a wild goose chase. UN SHOULD threatened them
with an International Tribunal,
Who in their right mind negotiates
CRIMINALS, an illgitimate Government to begin with. Remember
they lost the election and put
the elected leader under House
arrest. Now instead of sitting
down and talk to the monks and
people who demonstrated peacefully
to resolve the economic woes, they
suppressed them by using the most
curel and dirty methods.This time
the whole world saw how dispicable
this regime is, thanks to present
technology and internet, unlike
the 1988 uprising, which the
world was not aware of. You cannot
use diplomatic approach with BULLIES, they only understand
the UN and World Community waiting
for, all the evidences are there
on videos and pictures. If UN is
ineffective, the world community
will have to dissolve this organization and form another effective one. This Vitoe power
system is not working, and UN
reacts too slow. In the mean time the Junta is still harrassing, torturing and all kinds of injustice going on using brute force. People are worst now, living in a 24 hr nitemare.AND
Here is a link from BURMA DIGEST--
We Want Justice--http://burmadigest.info/2007/10/02/we-want-justice/

LW said...

Mr. Htike-

I realize you are currently quite busy, but I would greatly appreciate speaking with you at your earliest convenience. I've attempted to send you an email, but I'm not sure I have your correct address.

Thanks very much,

L. Waros

Headed to Rissah said...

People are brainstorming ideas in Facebook on how to boycott the Olympics: here's the link http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=24957770200&topic=3669
You need to register to view though. I hope that's not too much of a hassle for anyone

soe222 said...

Senate party leader critic of Myanmar MR.MITCH MCCONNEL, THANK
YOU SO VERY MUCH, on behalf of
all Burmese People, you have long
been fighting for our people,
we will never forget you, you will
always be in our hearts and soul.
We also thank President George W.
Bush and The first Lady Laura Bush,
and everyone who are working for
the freedom of Burmese people a
for more http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20071010/ap_on_go_co/us_myanmar_dissidents__senator_4

soe222 said...

The link for Senator Mitch McConnel

Also like to Thank Jim Carrey, U2 Bono, Black Eye Peas and other
celebrities who are fighting for
freedom of Burmese People.

soe222 said...


sorry previously complete
link did not show, I hope
this time it shows. for
Mitch McConnel

Anonymous said...

I'm so encouraged to see all the people around the world supporting my country and my people in their movement for freedom. Your voices are being heard around the world and the burmese people, so please keep it going....

Anonymous said...

Hi Headed to risaah,

Thanks for the link, I'm in Facebook right now, which group are you suggesting please?

Headed to Rissah said...

Jeg- join the Facebook group "Support the Monks' protest in Burma" and go to the discussion board. There are a few discussions now going on about boycotting the Olympics. The one I linked was called "how to convince 2008 olympic athletes not to go to CHINA?"

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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