Sunday, 9 December 2007

ကိုယ္ထူ ကိုယ္ထ တရားစီရင္ေရး

ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံ၏ တရားစီရင္ေရး စနစ္မ်ား ပ်က္စီးေနၿပီး၊ လက္ရွိ နအဖ၏ တရားဥပေဒမွ အေရးယူႏိုင္စြမ္း မရွိေသာ ဘာသာ သာသနာအား ေစာ္ကား ဖ်က္စီးေနေသာ၊ အဂတိ လိုက္စားေနေသာ လူမ်ားအား ကၽြန္ေတာ္တို႔၏ ကိုယ္ထူ ကိုယ္ထ တရားစီရင္ေရး မွ ဆုေငြထုတ္၍ အေရးယူႏိုင္ရန္ ႀကိဳးစား ေဖၚထုတ္ေနပါသည္။

ယခုလက္ရွိ သာသနာဖ်က္၊ သံဃာ သတ္သမား၊ လူသတ္သမား၊ အဂတိ လိုက္စားေသာ ဒုစရိုက္သမား သန္းေရႊအား ပဏာမ အေနျဖင့္ ဆုေငြထုတ္ထားပါသည္။ ေနာင္တြင္လည္း အျခားေသာ ဒုစရိုက္ သမားမ်ားအား ကိုယ္ထူ ကိုယ္ထ တရားစီရင္ေရး မွ ဆုေငြဆက္လက္ ထုတ္သြားမည္ ျဖစ္ေၾကာင္း သတင္းပါးအပ္ပါသည္။


m said...

KYA KHAT WAING "VOODOO" master ALSO NEED to put rewards to stop his power, he is putting as a monk's title so can not kill but can BLOCK his black magic voodoo POWER if it is there.

Kya Khat Waing Ga Tone Gyi is petting ghosts (Burmese called “La Mine Cut Nay Tel”)
(Youk Ga So Bon Pyaut )
It is {Yok Ka So}become Devil Ghosts which got extra-ordinary power influence to the normal people who’s got some sins and during bad luck time. In Burma normally the (Yok Ga So-Bon Pyunk)Devil Ghost lost his home of Buddha Tree (Nyaung Pin) and seeking for the new places and “Kya Khat Waing” Ga Tone Gyi is petting Devil Ghost at his Monastery. The High Devil ghosts normally give what their Master “Kya Khat Waing” Ga Tone Gyi want and expecting to return back by the Buddha blessing to get better life, place and power. Burma calls “A mya Wai Chin “whenever there is Blessing at Monastery by trusted monks. The {Yok Ga So-Bon Pyunk)high ghosts are hunger of that Blessing and to get for that they give some power influence to their master what they want, good or bad they don’t care because they already lost in the dark. That is bottom of the story.
But there is everybody knows it is there that is how Great Britain got the King Arthur story and it is true as it is. There is spells not to get effect to the church bishops that they are protects by counter spell to destroy the bad spell from the evil group that is the knights who learn from Gipsy to protect their Bishop who carried out God power. Now they become Jesuit Father Priests whose give their life to the church and learn all those FROM Witch Gypsy to carry out to protect the God power from evil one.
To return back to our “Kya Khat Waing” Ga Tone Gyi he is doing same thing. Spelling to the Army generals and given voodoo-yadaya advice that actually spelling to the sinful low class generals by help from the high ghosts since Shu Maung (Bu yaung-Ne Win) era, from the Pago Monastery.
What he doing is repeating spells by repeating again and aging and again same order to do evil thing to other monks and peoples. Kill, beat, box, cut, knife, axe so and so. DURING that time he is un-respectively to say uncompleted Buddha blessing and pretentious going to give “A mya - A mya - A mya” but stop and give signal to High Ghost to what he want to be done. His repeated evil spells and combine with Devil ghosts extra-ordinary power influence to get thing done. If you listen back his tape of “Three Sons Cleaning” you will clearly hear the unbeliever noises on the back groung on the tape that Devil ghost are waiting for blessing “A mya Wai Tar” and did not get what they want, they angry and look the matter why it stop and found what “Kya Khat Waing” Ga Tone Gyi want and try their best to fill that out. All chatting on Buddha blessing also not original and twisted and connected on two different phases which suppose must not do that. Those all are powerful black magic voodoo spells with psychological effect that got into generals mind that to kill the monks is right and need to do more.
And he is enjoying calling to the “Railway Minister” to “Mart” – “ Me Ya Dhar Win Gyi”, “Mart” – “Bo Gyi”, so clearly he is longing for POWER. He is clearly showing that he is all the way since from Shu Maung era (Bu Kyaung-Ne Win) that you can hear from his tape. His spells also threatening to the generals that Shu Maung (Bu Kyaung-Ne Win) did not do as his duty to kill the monks & peoples so he failed. It is like if you don’t do as I say you’ll go down and get troubles like BU KYAUNG-NE WIN.
Holding and Longing Power is like playing with fire so he clearly makes repeating about to Pago Division commander that he gives his lunch to him on the way back and stop his car to offer to Pago Division commander. Mean to say he did not eat for that day and putting the spells to Pago Division commander. And REPEATING too, it is powerful Magic spells. If he is going to get bust than Pago Division commander is the one who’ll save him because that is his commanding region. Burmese call that if you eat his food you can not kill him. “Ta Lot Sa Bu Thu Kay Zu”. He is planting for that and reminding him whenever he meets him I think with his spells of repeating and repeating, again and again on some sentence.
May be “Kya Khat Waing- Sa Ya Daw “ body is already procession by devil High ghost. This kind of ghost hates noble monks who blessing according to Buddha. Their appetite is power to kill to monks sprits too. Some time their power reach over to old monks who gone slight, off guard and unprotected period so most of the “The Sangha Mahar Naryaka” are getting his spells and might be under his paw. (I got some problem but now I just finish some add in and ready to send, my protection is Buddha). It is easy way out for “The Sangha Mahar Naryaka" to amend their mistake that they too since due to spell. We need to left some doors open for every body to get easy way out. Mean to say “ Kya Khat Waing “ Ga Tone Gyi got to go as “ Kyaint Thi Sound Sa Ya Daw” who took out “Kyaint Thi Yo” Pagoda and REBUILT it with Aunty Nyunt ( MI- chief Khin Nyunt). “Kyaint Thi Yo” pagoda is not original and took down at 2003 and rebuilt it with the shape of “SHWE DA GON” pagada, which you can find at the two different “KYAINT THI YO” side by side on the calendar.
Maybe some one especially for monks they know how to counteract powerful bad voodoo-yadaya spells or give advices for what should we do.
Noble monks would not do “Fire against Fire” but ASTROLOGERS can help and take counter spells like CHURCH KNIGHTS( Normally PARAGON), it is more effective way to stop bad voodoo-yadaya (evil spells). Remember what kind of voodoo-yadaya Pa O Ma Kyaung Kyaung doing on the holy “SHWE DA GON” pagoda with DOG and PIG. Some time evil spells and voodoo-yadaya are over power to the peoples who live with the sins every day in and day out, only noble monks who is under guard like “THAR MA NYA – Sa Ya Daw Gyi” monk (SAINT) who body still grow hair and nail even passed away. He got protection from the “THAR MA NYA” mountain during alive and show really what he is when passed away. “THAR MA NYA – Sa Ya Daw Gyi” also Pa O but did not accept that Ball Kyaung and Ma Kyaung Kyaung because he know what they really are, Army generals and commanders should know one of the SAINT monk did not accept to that Ball Kyaung Than Shwe and Ma Kyaung Kyaung there must be something seriously wrong!! It is seriously wrong and must be blind by voodoo-yadaya under spells.
Best is “Maut Tha Thoat “whole Burma monks now doing “Maut Tha Thoat “ is very effective for counter act to that spells.
I just like to write longtime ago but feel like crazy so just keep under my hat but just to share for you.

Sword for a Sword said...

m, Why don't you write in Burmese so that we all can understand clearly. Writing this kind of things in Englise is mind blowing for readers to read. To be honest, I don't have a clue what you are trying to say. Please write in Burmese please.

m said...

Sorry. Yes it is. Even Burmese will difficult to understand but ASTROLOGERS know and most of the monks known. Did you hear about “BO TAW Tin O” during Bu Kyaung-Ne win Era he was put inside the jail for his power? You know E Ti(ET) ASTROLOGER she will tell your money number from your pocket and will tell your pass and some future. “ La Ming Kut Tar” Yok Ka So Win Cut Nay Tar. That is Devil Sprits whisper in your ear and given advice and his power influence and you got to give devil ghosts for place and blessing, they are hunger for that. Sorry about that.
I DON’T HAVE Burmese font and too late to learn to type Burmese now, no time. Secondly the world wants to know true color and true reflection from the Burmese peoples. Burmese font is very good for all Burmese who know their will die trying. By English also give the UN and the whole world for the idea how they can help us. They just want to know WHO we really are so both Burmese and English are exchanging each other to know better between Burma and UN and the whole world.

Sword for a Sword said...

Facinating underworld of Burmese generals! Now we have "killer" Than Shwe, witchcraft Kyaing Kyaing and "Comical Ali" Kyaw Hsan. Unfortunately "Dayinbin" Soe Win has escaped and now enjoying in the frying pan in hell.

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