Monday, 19 May 2008

Should UN and World's leaders Play the politic Game with Burmese Junta's on betting Thousands of people's lives in Delta area?

Now it has been over 2 weeks after Nargis Cyclone. Over 100,000 people had been killed for not having enough information from authorities. Now more people are dying without help.

If world's leaders have true sympathy to those who suffer form Nargis, I would like to request to act aid intervention as quick as possible.

On the ground of Irrawaddy delta (17 May 2008)

(From being MBA student)
A good friend of mine send me an email at this morning. (Sat 17 May 2008 9:03 AM)
Obviously, there are 5 doctors out of 8 volunteer.Please find enclosed embedded email of what he saw within last week. I'm sure that they have done a lot of contribution and although the bad weather situation in the coming week.

ko Tun,

I came back from Laputta now.
I will go again at Monday morning.

The general and current situation of Latputa hit by Nargis Cyclone
The whole town was devastated and all the buildings were falling
down with non-any rescuesing.the majority of locals living in Latputta
lost their homes and business and everything belonging to them, as
well as shortage of their dialy food.
Within a few days after storming ,the victims who lost their
families and villages in closed area of Latputta town have been
arriving in Latputta to rely on rescues and demand the needs in the
refugee camps. Some victims have walked across along the farming
feilds fulled with death bodies on foot two or three days.
Seriously, when arriving the Latputta, there is no proper places for
the victims prepared by the authorities carelessly.Presently, there
are main three refugee camps recognized by local authority.
At least , more than ten thousands victims are staying comtemporarly
there , sleeping on the wet ground under the miserable roofs in the
camps of the monastries and pagodas areas and some victims r staying
outside in the rain. They have no proper toilets and enough water for
drinking and cleaning up. .People doesn't have viccination for
coming-soon diseases like diarrhoea.Most of the victims r patients who
is sufferring with diseases infected before. The volunteering clinics
have no enough medicine for patients. Only the hospital is full with
the patients and it can't accept next new patients because of lack of
medicine and free beds. Volunteer doctors r cocerning about the
victims because of the air,ground and water polution cause the toilet
r pouring with human waste and flowring near by local areas.So they
want to bulid the healthy toilets to prevent the diseases.
Each victim just get a little rice for a day from goverment.Most of
the children (Orphan) r need to get nutriation.The victims doesn't
enough hygentic foods,cooking
pots,plates,spoons,clothes,mosquito-nets,temporary-roof and toilet.


Goldie Shwe said...

Thank, Ko Htike. But we are talking about millions of people. Not thousands. Millions of innocent people.

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